10 Things You Could Buy on Craigslist Central Louisiana

Craigslist Central Louisiana is a local online classifieds website that serves the residents of Central Louisiana, including the cities of Alexandria, Pineville, and surrounding areas. It was founded by Craig Newmark in 1995 and has become one of the most popular websites for buying and selling items locally. Craigslist Central Louisiana provides a platform for users to post ads for a wide variety of items and services, ranging from electronics and furniture to job listings and housing rentals.

Over the years, Craigslist Central Louisiana has gained a strong following, with many residents utilizing the platform to buy and sell items within their local community. Here are some of the top things that are commonly sold on Craigslist Central Louisiana:

  • Electronics – Items like smartphones, laptops, and gaming consoles are frequently listed on the website.
  • Furniture – Individuals often sell used furniture, such as couches, tables, and beds.
  • Vehicles – Cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other modes of transportation can be found on Craigslist Central Louisiana.
  • Home Appliances – Appliances like refrigerators, washers, and dryers are commonly listed.
  • Household Items – Everyday items like kitchenware, home decor, and clothing are also popular.

While these are some of the top items sold on Craigslist Central Louisiana, the website offers a wide range of categories for users to post their ads. Here are some of the popular categories you can find on Craigslist Central Louisiana:

  • For Sale – This category includes various subcategories for different types of items, such as furniture, electronics, and sporting goods.
  • Services – Users can post ads for services such as home repair, landscaping, and pet sitting.
  • Housing – This category includes listings for apartments, houses, and rooms for rent.
  • Jobs – Job seekers can find a wide range of employment opportunities in various industries.
  • Community – This category includes events, activities, and local discussions.

Overall, Craigslist Central Louisiana has become a valuable resource for the local community, providing a platform where residents can easily buy, sell, and connect with others in their area. Whether you’re looking for a deal on used items or trying to find a service provider, Craigslist Central Louisiana offers a convenient way to navigate the local marketplace.

Place to Deal Locally on Craigslist Central Louisiana

A Step-by-Step Guide to Posting an Ad on Craigslist Central Louisiana

Craigslist is a popular online platform for buying and selling a wide range of items, services, and even job postings. If you are looking to post an ad in the Central Louisiana area, here are some guidelines, tips, and information about the costs involved:


  • Make sure your ad complies with Craigslist’s Terms of Use.
  • Choose the appropriate category for your ad to attract the right audience.
  • Write a clear and concise title that accurately describes what you are offering or seeking.
  • Provide detailed and honest information in the body of your ad to give potential buyers or sellers a clear idea of what to expect.
  • Include high-quality photos to make your ad more appealing and increase interest.
  • Remove your personal contact information from the ad to avoid spam and unwanted messages. Craigslist provides an anonymous email forwarding system.


  • Research similar ads in your area to get an idea of what price to set or what information to include.
  • Use keywords in your title and description to increase the chances of your ad appearing in relevant searches.
  • Check for spelling and grammar errors before posting to maintain a professional appearance.
  • Respond promptly to inquiries from potential buyers or sellers to establish trust and make the transaction smoother.
  • Consider renewing your ad periodically to keep it visible and increase its chances of getting noticed.


Posting an ad on Craigslist in the Central Louisiana area is generally free for most categories, including buy/sell, services, housing, and community. However, there are a few exceptions:

  • Job postings in select categories and geographic areas may require a fee, ranging from $15 to $75.
  • Ads for therapeutic services, such as massage or chiropractic care, also have a fee of $10 per ad.
  • Dealers posting ads for vehicles need to pay a fee of $5 per ad.

Payments for any applicable fees can be made online during the ad posting process.

Now that you have an understanding of the guidelines, tips, and costs involved in posting an ad on Craigslist in Central Louisiana, you are ready to reach a wider audience and potentially make successful transactions.

Alternative Platforms of Craigslist Central Louisiana

Batemans Shopping Center

Batemans Shopping Center
4 (10)
6224 Plank Rd, Baton Rouge, LA 70805, United States
Broadwood Shopping Center

Broadwood Shopping Center
0 (0)
Baton Rouge, LA 70815, United States

If you are looking for classified ads in Central Louisiana, but want to explore alternatives to Craigslist, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of the 5 most popular alternatives to Craigslist Central Louisiana, each offering its own unique features and benefits. These platforms serve as excellent resources for finding everything from jobs and housing to cars and community events. So without further ado, here are the top alternatives:

  • 1. Facebook Marketplace: With one of the largest user bases in the world, Facebook Marketplace has become a go-to platform for buying and selling in Central Louisiana. It offers a wide range of categories, and you can easily filter your search based on location, price, and other preferences.
  • 2. Letgo: Letgo is a highly popular mobile app for buying and selling used items locally. Its intuitive interface and convenient features make it easy to browse through various categories and connect with sellers near you.
  • 3. OfferUp: Similar to Letgo, OfferUp is another popular app for buying and selling locally. It boasts a large user base and offers a host of features such as in-app messaging, secure payments, and reputation ratings for sellers.
  • 4. Oodle: Oodle is a classifieds aggregator that collects listings from various sources, including local newspapers and online marketplaces. It provides an extensive range of categories and allows users to search by location, price, and other specific criteria.
  • 5. Geebo: Geebo is a classified ads website known for its commitment to safety and reliability. It has a user-friendly interface and offers various categories for buyers and sellers to connect in Central Louisiana.

Each of these alternatives offers its own unique advantages, so consider exploring multiple platforms to maximize your chances of finding what you’re looking for. Keep in mind that while these platforms provide a convenient way to connect with sellers and buyers, it’s important to exercise caution and verify the authenticity of listings before making any transactions.

Best Places to Deal Locally on CraigslistCentral Louisiana

Central Louisiana, located in the heart of the Pelican State, is known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and beautiful natural landscapes. This region encompasses several parishes (counties) and is home to a variety of unique and charming districts. From historic downtowns to picturesque waterfronts, here are the top 10 districts to explore in Central Louisiana:

  • Alexandria Historic District: Located in the heart of Alexandria, this district is renowned for its well-preserved buildings dating back to the 19th century. Stroll through brick-paved streets and explore boutique shops, art galleries, and delicious restaurants.
  • Natchitoches Historic District: As the oldest permanent settlement in the Louisiana Purchase, Natchitoches boasts a stunning historic district along the picturesque Cane River Lake. Discover charming French Creole architecture, delightful cafes, and unique shops.
  • Pineville Downtown: Just across the Red River from Alexandria, Pineville’s downtown area offers a friendly atmosphere, historic landmarks, and a range of shopping and dining options. Don’t miss the quaint Main Street with its antique shops and local eateries.
  • Leesville Historic District: Nestled in the heart of Vernon Parish, Leesville’s historic district showcases beautiful Victorian-era homes and buildings. Explore the district’s unique shops, enjoy a meal at a local restaurant, or visit the nearby Museum of West Louisiana.
  • LeGrand Downtown Deville: Located in Deville, this district is known for its family-friendly atmosphere and charming small-town appeal. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along its streets lined with independently owned shops, cozy cafes, and historic buildings.
  • Marksville Historic District: Step back in time with a visit to Marksville’s historic district, home to a collection of well-preserved 19th-century structures. Shop for local crafts, visit the Bontemps Cultural Center, or explore the nearby Paragon Casino Resort.
  • Colfax Historic District: Colfax’s historic district is a hidden gem in Central Louisiana, featuring historic buildings showcasing a blend of architectural styles. Visit the Grant Museum, which offers insights into the area’s unique history and culture.
  • Pollock Historic District: As the gateway to Kisatchie National Forest, Pollock also boasts a charming historic district. Discover antique shops, eateries, and enjoy the beautiful Louisiana scenery surrounding this quaint district.
  • Many Downtown District: Located in Sabine Parish, Many’s downtown district is a testament to the area’s rich history. Explore the district’s antique shops, grab a bite at a local restaurant, or take a leisurely stroll along the banks of Toledo Bend Reservoir.
  • Winfield Historical District: Situated in Winn Parish, Winfield’s historical district offers a glimpse into the area’s past. Take time to appreciate the district’s vintage architecture, visit the local museum, and explore nearby outdoor recreational areas.

These districts in Central Louisiana showcase the region’s unique charm, cultural heritage, and friendly communities. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a foodie, or simply looking to relax and enjoy beautiful surroundings, these districts are sure to captivate your heart and leave you with unforgettable memories.

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